Monday, 16 October 2017

30th Celebrations

For my birthday this year my better half treated me to a trip to New York for a week to see my two best friends and I have to say I had the trip of a life time!! I've always wanted to see New York ever since I watched my first episode of Sex and the city (probably wayyy younger than I should of been) and it didn't dissapoint.

While we were staying with ours friends for the trip, on my actual birthday we stayed in the city in the Dream Midtown hotel. On the way to our hotel we made a quick stop in Saks to pick up my birthday present from my family, my new louboutins. I went for the nude pigalles in the 100mm heel. Now if your thinking of buying any designer bits while there bare in mind the taxes and price them at home first, I learned that the hard way, they ended up costing around €200 more than they are at home. Butttt I love them so...

After we checked into our hotel we spent some time walking the highline, we really lucked out the week we went with the weather, it was stunning.

After the highline we headed back to get ready for my birthday meal which was in a gorgeous, family style Italian restaurant just off Times Square. I love Italian, its so easy to find something suitable to eat when your a vegetarian. 

Now I know New York is very casual, dress wise for dinner drinks etc but there was no chance in hell that I as going to New York and not letting my inner Carrie out!! Tulle skirts and sequins all the way!!

After a gorgeous meal we headed to the 230 Fifth rooftop for some drinks and a view of Manhattan. What more could you ask for?! Literally the best birthday ever!!

Last but not least my night was finished off with the nicest slice of  99c pizza! Had to be done...

Thanks to Marc, Anto and Tracy!!  

Jumpsuit Only | Top Coast | Skirt French | Shoes Christian Louboutin | Clutch Mulberry