Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sunday's and Returning to Work

So this is what I wore Sunday.
Sundays have always been the day that we spend time together as a family as it's the only one we're all at home for (I mentioned my husbands crazy hours before :( ) This one more then most because I was due back to work this week which was both nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time.
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With my eldest daughter I had huge separation anxiety and felt being away from her at all made me a bad mother. I waited until she was 14 months old before I returned to work. It was really hard but I soon realised it's ok if not good to spend some time apart. This time my youngest daughter is almost 7 months old and even though deep down I know it's good for both of us to have some space (we've been literally joined at the hip since her arrival) I still had that huge tug in my chest leaving her today. But we both survived and thankfully she didn't look at me like I'd deserted her when I got home. I know everyone told me it's different the second time round, your more relaxed and I thought Yeah right but it actually is! I've learned to accept all offers of babysitting for date nights etc, that it's ok to still be Claire and not always "Luella-Rose's and Emelia-Lily's mother".

You know the phrase "I love being a mother but I need more"?? Well I'm the opposite!! Being a mother is more than enough but it can also be too much sometimes. Unfortunately my girls are not sleepers, yes including the nearly 3 year old! So spending all day with someone after being up with them all night can be a little intense. So  I see work as my little break from my real job and I'm very happy to have that little retreat and the experience now to know it doesn't make me a bad mother just human.

I feel working parents can be quick to judge stay at home parents and visa versa. What works for one family might not suit another, we all have to find our own way of doing things. Each to their own :)

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