Sunday, 9 April 2017

Spots & Stripes

I've been waiting impatiently for the weather to get nice enough so that I could getting wearing this little top from Zara, I love the open back its so Summery and comfortable, would be great for throwing over a bikini on holidays.

In the style had a Treat Week last week so I picked these up for 40% off. I've tried on so many pairs of this style in every shop and just couldn't find a pair I really liked but these are perfect. I never thought I'd wear anything other than skinnies but I've been living in these for the past week.

The shoes were Penneys limited edition from last summer, I got them for my husbands 30th. The heel height and thickness make them so easy to wear. They are a great way of adding a bit of personality into a plain outfit.

Top Zara | Jeans In The Style | Shoes Penneys | Bag Mulberry

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Claire xo

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How to wear colour

I love a pop of colour on the eyes but I know it kind be a bit daunting and out of your comfort zone. The best way to wear colour is to chose a colour to compliment your own eye colour. The way to do this is the law of  'opposites attract'. What ever colour is opposite your eye colour on the colour wheel is what will suit you best as you can see here.

I have green eyes which sometimes have a blue tint so I find purples and oranges bring out the colour of my eyes the best.

Also less is more, if I'm wearing colour on my eyes I'll wear a nude lip and if I'm wearing a strong coloured lip I'll barely wear any eye makeup.

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Claire xo

Monday, 3 April 2017

I bought this playsuit on Missy Empire a couple of months ago and I've been dying for somewhere to wear it, It's been so long since I got dolled up for a night out. My gorgeous girl Jessica's 30th at the weekend was the perfect excuse to get the legs out.

This is the tan I got in my goodie bag at the LMD makeup master class. I love it!!! Its so natural  looking, this is is rinsed off after around 4 hours. I applied the Cocoa Brown golden goddess dry oil afterwards.

Playsuit Missy Empire | Bag Mulberry | Shoes Penneys | Chain River Island

Holy Grail products for fine hair

I have such fine hair and so little of it that I've toyed around with different products for years to add volume. I have the type of hair that doesn't hold a style so if I curled it, it would be straight a half hour later. I've tried different shampoos and conditioners as well as different 'beach hair' products
 but just never got the effect I wanted. But I've finally cracked it!!

I spray this VO5 'plump it up' spray into my hair after I wash it and blow dry roughly, turning my head upside down for added volume.
This spray is an amplifying blow dry lotion with heat defense. It gives the hair more volume and leaves it slightly more gritty so that when you straighten or curl it, the hair hold the style.

Once my hair is dry I spray this Batiste styling spray, its like dry shampoo but its called backcombing spray because it gives he same effect.

I swear by these two and have got my family hooked on them too. Lately I picked up this hair spray for setting my curls and I really like it.  Its the L'oreal studio pro fixing hairspray in strength 5. Make sure you are completely happy with your look before you spray it because it wont be budging once you do. Hopefully if you have the same hair problems as me you'll find this helpful. 

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Claire xo