Sunday, 9 February 2014

Review: L'Oreal Nude Magique & Rimmel Wake me Up

I am eternally on the hunt for a foundation that is light enough for my skin colour (which is very white with a hint of blue!!) every single one I buy starts of light and after a few hours on my face I resemble an umpa lumpa!

I love a natural looking foundation for wearing every day so I decided to try this l'oreal nude magique eau de teint based on it being "light as water". I went for the porcelain shade. It is exactly what it says, tinted water! It's really lightweight so you don't get that caked on feeling during the day but it didn't suit my skin. I felt it settled into my dry areas causing them to look even drier. It was however really easy to apply, simply shake the bottle and apply the makeup with your fingers. I think it would be better suited to someone with an even enough skin tone and perhaps oily skin rathar than dry. 

While buying this foundation I spotted this Rimmel "wake me up" concealer and based on its name alone I grabbed it too. It is exactly what I need some thing to "wake me up" and disguise my all nighters with the girls. I really liked it and the colour was light enough for my skin tone. It gave me  great coverage and god my dark circles well so based on that I decided to try the matching foundation. 

I went for the ivory shade as it's the lightest it comes in and while it's still a little darker than me I really like it. It goes on and spreads so easily, one squrt can do your whole face, I've been applying it with a soft sponge. I really love that there's a slight shimmer in it that catches the light so that you have a fresh, dewy glow that does indeed make you look more awake!! Exactly what I need!! 

I'll be sticking with this one until I finally find a foundation the colour of my skin but with spring/summer approaching I'm abandoning my search until next winter.

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