Monday, 10 August 2015

Boots Botanics Range

I've already raved about my love for some of the products in the boots Botanics range. A while ago I popped in to get another radiance balm  and had a look at the rest of the range and decided to try out a few other products. I picked up the microdermabrasion polish and the radiance concentration serum as well as my much loved radiance balm.

The mircodermabrasion polish aims to encourage cell renewal, refine pores and improve skin texture and should be used weekly. I keep mine in the shower to use every few days to improve the appearance of my fake tan as it removes all the dead skin cells and t
takes the dull look of your skin. I find it leaves the skin so soft and slightly moisturised. 

The serum I LOVE!!! It aims to energise the skin and give a visible radiant glow. After two weeks the skin should look brighter, this can be applied twice daily. I'm really loving this product. You only need 2-3 drops to do your whole face. It absorbs straight away but gives a really fresh feeling and leaves the skin looking lovely and dewy. I've been using this as a base primer then applying the radiance balm before I apply my foundation or BB cream.

I'm so impressed with this range the products really suit my sensitive skin and I love the packaging. At the minute these products are all on offer at €4 each!! I'll definitely be popping back in to pick up some more products, I'm running low on cleanser at the minute so I'm looking forward to trying out one of the ones from this range.  

Thanks for reading
Claire xo