Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Myself and my better half spent the weekend in beautiful Amsterdam celebrating his big 30th Birthday.

When packing for city breaks I always pack lots of separates that I can mix and match into different outfits depending on whether its day or night, the weather, mood etc. There's nothing more annoying then trying on and loving something at home only to hate it when you get there and have no other options.

Bolero & Shoes Penneys | Tank H&M | Jeans River Island | Bag Gucci 
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But in the run up to the trip I went a little mad with the shopping and packed wayyyy too much and didn't wear any of it because here`s what I learned about Amsterdam...
1. It is way too amazing for you to want to waste time going to and from your hotel changing up outfits just for the sake of it.
2.Its also very casual so you don't feel in any way under dressed when your out for dinner or drinks etc in your jeans and flats.
3. Also heels are a no no, the transport system is amazing but you will do alot of walking to take the whole place in. (I wasnt brave enough to chance the bikes this time ha)

Bomber New Look | Tee & Skirt H&M | Shoes Penneys | Glasses Powder @ Kilkenny Design

We really did fall in love with the city and can`t wait to go back.