Tuesday, 17 September 2013

How to do Matte Effect Nails

I never thought I would find a nail effect I loved more than the gel effect, that was until I tried the matte effect! Safe to say this will be my go to for Autumn/Winter.

You will need a nail file, nail varnish remover, cotton discs, a base coat, a colour (black, navy and the maroon/purple I use all look great with this effect, the darker the better) and a matte effect top coat.

Start by filing your nails, I personally think a squared off tip looks better with this effect. Apply your top coat.

Apply your colour, leaving a hairline gap around the edges. Apply two coats for better coverage.

Use nail varnish remover to remove any mistakes.

You can now apply your matte top coat. Make sure you don't miss any varnish as it will show up glossy after the matte dries.

An there you have your matte effect nails.

To emphasise the matte effect fully I applied a tip of the dark colour to add contrast between the matte and glossy varnish.

And we're done!! Easy as that! 

Purple Maybelline Color Show in 104 Noite De Gal
Top coat Claire's matte top coat
Base coat New York Color Expert last nail polish in classy glassy