Saturday, 22 November 2014

Lisa Eldridge.. Artist Inspiration

As I've said before I have a huge style crush on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley I love her style, hair, make-up the whole works!! So when she tagged a make-up artist in one of her Instagram posts I of course had to have a nosy!! That artist was Lisa Eldridge and I've been obsessed with her since!!

Firstly can we just take a second to appreciate how utterly stunning she is!!! The woman doesn't even wear foundation on her entire face!


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My favourite thing about her is she starts all her make-up tutorials without a scrap of make-up on. She shows what she's doing from start to finish, none of this "I'm starting after my base" stuff that you see a lot on YouTube. I love that she shows how to disguise different issues such as redness, blemishes etc depending on how her own skin is behaving at the time she's filming.

Her style of make-up is beautiful. It's clear all her clients are wearing make-up but not in an over done kind of way. She works with what they have uses her skills to accentuate their best features. I find she has an "English Rose" kind of style. They all look so fresh and youthful. 

Her list of celebrity clients is endless from RHW to Clemence Poesy to Kate Winslet to Alexa Chung. Some of which actually appear in her tutorials.

Some colour...

Her list of covers and campaigns are just as long ELLE Marie Claire, Vogue, InStyle.

My favourite description she uses for a make-up look is "looks like you made an effort but not too try hard" I think you should look like you've done your make-up yourself even if you haven't because that way you know you look like 'you'. But like I said before make-up is a very personal thing. Some days I'm prone to more out there looks and then for the most part I stick to my barely there, 5 minute look. There isn't one of Lisa's looks that I don't love. The things you can learn from her tutorials are amazing!! If you have a love of make-up and want to pick up some brilliant tips and techniques you need to start watching her tutorials.