Sunday, 16 November 2014


So as I said in my outfit post I've picked a few new bits lately and thought I'd do a post on them..

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Firstly these storage boxes came into work advertising as loom band storage but the little compartments are just perfect for separating eye shadows, blushes etc. It comes in 3 tiers the top has np compartments and the other two have 10. I usethe top two for eye products and the other is in my kit separating my concealers and bronzers. They are perfect for anyone who has a lot of make-up but no idea what they have because its all lying in a drawer unorganised. My favourite thing about it is I can just place it into my larger wheelie kit if I'm going to someone's house.

Next up we have the mitt which is probably making some of you think "what the hell!!" But I'm a huge fan of Sigma products I use all their brushes on my clients. They are the people behind the beauty blender but they also have another product called a brush cleaning glove. I noticed it on their site when I was buying brushes and thought it was a great idea. This little beaut however I found in the Primark home section while I was shopping for Christmas decorations. As soon as I seen it I thought ""brushes!!!" It cost 2 Euro as opposed to Sigma's

Why the need for a mitt?? If like me you need to deep cleanse your brushes often and you have a lot of them this can really save you time. I apply my baby shampoo to the glove, wet the brush and rub it along the ridges of the mitt. It removes all make-up faster and can also be used to reshape the brush when your done.

Next we have the NYX finishing sprays. Make-up is a very personal thing and people like very different looks. These cater for all types of people; one gives a dewy finish for those to like a natural healthy glow or perhaps have dry skin, the other gives a matte finish for those who perhaps have oily skin or develop a shine through out the day. So far I have only used the dewy finish one and love it.

Next are the NYX HD photogenic concealers, I got glow and beige. The reason I love these concealers is the fact that their HD they don't contain SPF which causes flashback in photos so the photgraphs beautifully. They give the bright look under the eyes without that shimmer that can look sweaty.

Next is the NYX wonder pencil in medium. This can be used for a multitude of things, lining the waterline to brighten the eyes, concealing blemishes, as a lip liner. I personally think its great to apply around the lips if your wearing a dark lipstick. It removes any mistakes and prevents the lipstick from bleeding.

Last but not least I wanted to pick up some deeper lip colours for Autumn/Winter so I went for these

  1. Seventeen stay pout in Rule Breaker
  2. L'oreal collection exclusive in Blake's pure red
  3. Rimmel moisture renew in Dark Night Water L-oops

So far I've only tried number one

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