Friday, 13 January 2017

Budget Highlighters

Highlight is without a doubt  my favourite part of makeup. I love a soft dewy glow, makes your skin look so much healthier and younger. I'm always on the hunt for new ones but keep coming back to these same two.
And while I love my Mary Lou from the balm for my kit on clients, the two that are my favorites  to use on myself are actually budgets buys. Both picked up from local pharmacies for around €5. The first is this one by Catrice called High glow mineral highlighting powder in the shade 010 light infusion. This one has a pinky hue to it, which is lovely when using cool colours.

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 Without and with flash

The second was recommended by a friend and I haven't anything else since. Its this Revolution vivid baked highlighter in golden lights. As the name says this one has more of a golden/champagne hue to it that works really well with warm colours. As you can see mine gets so much use that my lid isn't even attached anymore.

 Without and With flash

 Both brands are stocks in pharmacies and I know that Penneys/Primark stock the Catrice range.