Tuesday, 22 March 2016

L'Action Paris Face Masks

I tend to use a face mask one or twice a week to give my skin a little extra TLC. I usually just grab some of the ones we have at work or I used one from the Forever Aloe range. Lately we've started to stock the L'Action ones so I picked up a few to see what they are like and the fact that I'm sitting down to write this means I love them!!

The first one I tried was the refining and exfoliating mask. It contains essential oils of rosemary and ginger which help to repair, stimulate and tone the skin. Its also contains seaweed which helps eliminate skin impurities. This one contains little beads which help exfoliate the skin. I left it on the skin for the 12 minutes and then it needs to be wet to be removed so I wet it with warm water and spent a few minutes exfoliating the beads into the skin. Afterwards my skin felt so soft and dewy. I'm very sensitive so I was expecting to feel some irritation after the exfoliating but it was very gentle on my skin. There is more than enough product in the sachet to do two different masks so I used half one night and the rest 2 nights later.

The next one I tried was the radiance mask which aims to illuminate and tone the skin. this mask contains essential oils of carrot and cypress, which helps illuminate the skin as well as the mineral complexes stimulating and energizing the skin. This one is a smoother consistency and just spreads over the skin and dries in. This is again to be left for 12 minutes and then washed off. Afterwards my skin had a lovely healthy glow.  
I'm really loving these products and cant wait to try the rest. I've already bought the clear skin one and am waiting to use it when I get my usual hormonal breakout. It aims to repair the skin using the soothing and calming effects of lavender.It also aims to regulate the sebum (skins oil) using cinnamon extracts.